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Managed Services

              Are you currently running a Small to Mid-Size Business? If so, then you are aware of the challenges in keeping a business running smoothly and successfully. You’re likely the type that performs multiple tasks including managing and supporting staff, bookkeeping and supporting your computer systems. VitalNetix is able to help you meet those challenges, saving you time and money. Our ‘client first’ focus and decades of expertise of our team of technicians can provide your organization with unparalleled IT support.

              VitalNetix can be your IT Support Team or easily merge with your existing team, allowing them to perform higher value projects and help grow your business!  We will make recommendations based on a proactive approach, saving you time and money with less downtime, less outages, less data loss, and ultimately less aggravation. We use top-rated products and services to protect your IT assets and assist your staff with all of their IT support needs or become your single-source Help Desk for all your support needs.

              Plans are available on a monthly basis or we can tailor support plans to meet your needs. Call now to speak to one of our Representatives and schedule an in person meeting to understand more! Let’s Grow Together!!

IT Support Services

Even the most stable and patched IT systems can develop problems that need to be addressed. In the event that an unforeseen IT system error occurs, your organization needs immediate support. That’s why All Covered offers remote support and emergency onsite support.

All VitalNetix remote support service is available 24/7. If any part of your organization’s IT systems develop a problem, all you need to do is call us and report the issue. We’ll remotely access your organization’s IT systems and initiate remote support to address the problem. Because there’s always a possibility that an IT system issue must be addressed onsite, All Covered offers emergency onsite response support.

Server and PC Management

VitalNetix Server Management Services proactively Monitor, update, back-up and manage all your computers and servers remotely. Every aspect of your network is monitored and issues can be spotted and fixed before they can cause problems. You can rest assured knowing your vital data and IT systems are being monitored and protected 24/7 from our dedicated remote support centers.

Server Backup Solutions

Server crashes can affect any business and can stem from such mundane causes as human error, power outages or hardware failure. Even a local backup or off-site cloud storage solution may provide some relief but may be insufficient to address total server loss.

Your business needs an enterprise solution that provides comprehensive disaster recovery and business continuity even in the event of total server failure. All Covered Backup for Servers uses an easy-to-deploy dedicated local appliance that incorporates local backup, cloud backup and object-level Exchange restore, plus offers a local and cloud server business continuity option.

Data is compressed, duplicated and encrypted on the local appliance — then immediately replicated in the cloud in a SOC 1 / SOC 2 compliant data center. With this combination of local and cloud-based backup, any file, folder or other data deleted from the primary server can be quickly restored from either the local appliance or from the cloud.


Having to maintain and replace aging technology can be both costly and complicated. By transitioning your servers to a virtualized environment, you allow for reduced hardware costs, increased flexibility of systems and additional data security options.

All Covered, the IT Services division of Konica Minolta, has the knowledge and experience to help your organization choose the best virtualization solutions and then implement them with minimal interruption of services.

We have more than 17 years of providing virtualization design and implementation services to organizations of all sizes and our engineers are certified in recognized application and server virtualization technologies.

IT Strategic Services

A lack of proper strategic IT planning can result in financial investments made in IT systems that are inappropriate for your organization’s long-term needs. To ensure that your organization’s IT systems are developed to support current and future demand, invest in strategic IT planning.

VitalNetix focuses on creating a maintainable IT infrastructure that will support your organization’s primary goal of providing superior customer service while being financially successful.


With our IT Strategy Services, our engineers will work with your organization to develop an IT strategy that makes the most of your IT budget while addressing current and future technology needs. Our IT strategy services are customized, so we guarantee that we’ll build an IT Strategy tailored specifically for your company’s needs.


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