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Success Stories


Application transformation is at the cutting edge of today's technology projects. Our current portfolio of recent projects are helping organizations like yours redesign their resiliency and agility by adding non-disruptive components to existing infrastructure.

Case Study

Life Insurance


•Customer Type

–7500 Employees

–Multiple locations



–7 Data Center Consolidation and relocation to two Co-Los (Pennsylvania and Virginia)

–Site selection and RFP development

–Applications mapping and migration wave group preparation

–PA DC upgraded from Level X to Level X (Production Location)

–VA Data Center buildout and architecture design (DR Location)

–Program Management and Migration Execution

–Developed Future State Architecture focusing on reducing cost and complexity



–Delivered Project before deadline allowing additional testing time

–Leveraged next generation technologies to reduce costs and data center footprint

–Data Centers were developed to fail over and not have any performance hit or data loss (continuous Availability)

Case Study

Federal Credit Union


•Customer Type

–Financial Services, Federal Credit Union

–100 employees/ 3 Branches



–Unstable virtualization platform causing numerous outages

–Redesign data center infrastructure

–Migrate from SUSE Linux to VMware vSphere



–Deployed Nutanix Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

–Reduced rack space used from 38U to 2U

–Reduced power & cooling costs by 90%

–Maximized virtual machine stability & scalability

–Position the company for DR and growth

Case Study

Enterprise Business Process Outsourcer


•Customer Type

–Call Center operation

–40,000 employees

–Multiple locations, US & International



–Record voice and screen shots from all calls and archive for X years depending on client contract (SLA based holding period by customer)

–Redesign of storage strategy

–Deploy +500TB Nexsan Assureon Archival Storage for Call Center Voice Recordings and sensitive data



–Significant cost savings for long term storage

–Free up space on expensive, primary storage

–File encryption security for regulatory and contract compliance

–Redesign of storage strategy

–Geographically diverse co-lo data center deployment

–Reduced cost by 1/5th which equaled more then $6,000,000.00 in savings

Case Study

HealthCare Software Provider


•Customer Type

–Healthcare Software Developer & Provider

–200 employees



–Re-write base code for standardization across the complete product offering

–VitalNetix integrated into the internal project team with SME’s such as: Project Managers, Business Analysts, Developers, and Software Quality Assurance professionals.

–2 year project



––VitalNetix augmented their project team SME’s on an as needed basis –Very quick turn around –Significant time and cost savings for the client

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