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Data Center Infrastructure

With an ever-changing variety of options for hosting, disaster recovery and secure storage, VitalNetix is equipped to support your organization in developing and building out a custom data center that fits your needs, from a single server rack to a full data center cage.  As your organization’s premier data center build out experts, VitalNetix meticulously designs, deploys and offers on-site support for every aspect of your data center build out or relocation.  VitalNetix client focused approach ensures your data center is productive and efficient for your organization's individualized demands. 

During the Discovery Phase, the VitalNetix’s team works to review your organization’s strategic goals, identify risks, analyze current deployment, introduce best practices, and recommend open source alternatives, if necessary.    VitalNetix develops functional specifications that will lay the foundations for appropriate design concepts.  With a well-defined scope of work, VitalNetix will then guide your organization through the process of determining and deploying your ideal data center configurations.

Data Center Services

•             Equipment Cabinet and Rack Placement

•             Overhead and Under Floor Cable Tray / Ladder Rack Installation

•             Wire Management Installation (Vertical / Horizontal, Drop Outs)

•             Inter Cabinet & Rack Copper Cabling

•             Inter Cabinet & Rack Fiber Trunk Installation

•             Active Equipment Placement and Turn-Up

•             Testing

•             Labeling

•             As Build Drawings


Mission Critical Services

•             Facility Planning

•             Facility Management

•             Hardware Installation

•             Network Connectivity

•             Client Support Systems

•             Technology Refreshments

•             Disaster Recovery & Contingency Planning


Co-Location / Managed Designs

•             Facility Site Surveys and Selection

•             Facility Layout and Design

•             RCDD Designed Cabling and Installation

•             Overhead Ladder Racking and Tray

•             Raised Floor Installation

•             Installation/Demo of Equipment

•             Certification & Testing​

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